Duplicate Voter ID card download procedure Check current status online

Duplicate Voter ID card download online. How to get new or fake voter id card, Search current voter ID in Electoral roll online.

Voter ID is an important identity card for all Indians. It can be given to citizens of India who are above 18 years of age group, and supplements to be able to election in all polls. It can even be used as an evidence of Identification and as a proof of Address.

However, because of rise in data corruption, creating fake Voter ID cards has become very easy. All that you need to do is supply a photograph of person who is no more resident of India. He will either be deceased or has remaining country, other imitation details and a laughable amount of Rs 200.

Those who make these fake voter IDs stay a fake hologram and stamp by using a duplicate plastic stamp. Laminate this artificial ID, and you will never know big difference!

Why are Fake Voter IDs created

Since a very long time, mock voter IDs are being created in millions. This is certainly mainly following reasons:

  1. People create fake Voter IDs to cheat some such as buying a SIM card or creating a ration card, as it can be used as proof of identification, age, or address.
  2. To rig elections, some politics parties create many limitation voter ID cards so that their number of votes can be increase.

Sometimes, agents want to earn quick money. Therefore submitting it to electoral office, that will take days, they will make fake Voter IDs and provide it to you in return you’re your money.

What can we do to Avoid Duplicate Voter ID card

It is a matter of matter for common man. reason is , you never know when someone else has used your details from electoral roll of a constituency and has founded a Voter ID card to suffice his against law motives.

Also, chances are that you pay them money for producing a voter ID in exchange for a fake and unusable one!

From time to time, police force or journalists keep reduction fake Voter ID card rackets. However, it still persists. To avert challenge of faux Voter IDs, it is immensely important for us to take certain steps.

  1. Report Election Commission of any difference in your address or your constituency. This can be done by processing Form 6 to your constituency’s Electoral Business office if you have a change in residence addresses.
  2. Make use of National Voters Services Website or go to Electoral Office yourself relying blindly on providers for services associated with voter ID.
  3. This can include creating a new ID card, correcting details printed on card, searching your name in Voters List as well as enrolling initially or changing constituency.
  4. Link Voter ID with Aadhaar Card. project of Aadhaar Card has been started out with an aim to eliminate fake entries by taking bio-metric details of a person as well.
  5. Linking your Voter ID with Aadhaar card will be useful in removing fake entries. Also, connecting your Voter ID with aadhaar card will ensure security of your own personal details.

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